The SaralNew Spreadsheet (Applicable to AY 2003-2004) (Part-I)

Well, today I am going to share for the first time the application that I had built using a mixture of Excel functionality and Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) way back in AY 2003-2004 (FY 2002-2003) for a friend who used it quite extensively to file Income-Tax Returns of more than 100 clients spread over the period of little less than five years.

What I am going to display here in the following paragraphs is the finalized product, which, to my knowledge, still lacked in some ways, but was quite satisfactory to the clients and the Income-Tax Department of that time. The first is the opening screen that you would get as soon as you opened the “Saral New Excel Spreadsheet“.


Figure 1: The Splash Screen

When you clicked the “Close” button visible above, the following screen would appear.


Fig 2: The Main Application Screen (Main Menu)

Form here began the actual journey into the software, which was essentially broken down into the steps as defined in the main menu above. The actual data entry was done by clicking the first button “Enter General Information”, clicking which there would be a series of forms that would appear, which I will show one by one henceforth.

The forms themselves and the controls (named in the same way as the labels that appear) are in plain english, so they need no explanations. I am NOT covering the coding that went behind them, because this is a conceptual posting.

















This completed the data entry portion of the Spreadsheet. In my next post (Part-2), I will share the data storage onto the main Control Sheet as I called it then. Of course there were a good 10,000+ lines of coding that went into the working of the program, which may not be possible for me to share, since in any case this is more like a case study and a ‘conceptual’ posting that only wants to demonstrate my programming prowess to you. Cheers till next time.

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur
(aka Deadly-VBA.Programmer)
31-May-2017 | 01:17 Hours IST | #CAVSM


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